VGA cable matter

I wouldn’t have thought, but the VGA cable might be the cause why your computer doesn’t correctly recognized your monitor.

It was driving me crazy. My MacBook wasn’t able to use my sister’s display with its native resolution. I tried loads of stuff to get it working. I really needed to use the display. At one point I just switched the cable. And it worked!

Who would have guessed that a plain and stupid cable can be the cause of such trouble.

Step-by-Step from Gmail to Google Apps mail with IMAPSync

As mentioned in my last post, it is not too easy to migrate from a normal Gmail account to a Google Apps account. Lots of tools do not bring satisfying results. The only tool that brought the best results was imapsync. Being a command-line tool, it is not easy to use for most. Hence, I want to ease the usage by providing this step by step tutorial. It is tailored for Mac OS X users. However, there is a very straightforward guide for Windows as well. In fact, my short tutorial is based on that one :)

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Tools Roundup for Migrating to Google Apps mail

After being unhappy with Gmail’s handling of my custom email address (email@mydomain.tld) for quite some time, I came across my colleague’s newly written blog article about transitioning from a normal Google account ( to a Google Apps account (@mydomain.tld). A few conversations later I was confident and excited enough to migrate my mails from Gmail to Google Apps. However, it was unfortunately much more cumbersome than I expected. But I succeeded at the end.

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irish riviera

irish riviera

URL rewrite with Kohana on OS X

Today, I started to work again with the fast and small but powerful PHP framework Kohana. I used Kohana 1 on a Linux machine years ago but now it’s Kohana 3.1 on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Anyway, shortly after the successful installation I wanted to get rid of the mentioning of index.php in the URL. I knew about .htaccess and mod_rewrite from my previous Kohana projects. This time the framework even came with a predefined .htaccess file. However, I didn’t get it to work and only got 404 Not Found messages when I activated the .htaccess file.

After some research I figured out that I had to change the None of AllowOverride in */etc/apache2/users/.conf* to *All*. That got me from 404 Not Found messages to *403 Forbidden* messages. After some more research and trail and error, I found out that the trick was to append *FollowSymLinks* to the *Options* in the above mentioned conf file.